Mahila Mandalee to hold Hindu Women’s Conference tomorrow



The Mahila Mandalee, the women’s section of the Guyana Hindu DharmicSabha, will host its annual Hindu Women’s Conference tomorrow, Friday, May 26th at the Bath Shri Krishna Mandir, West Berbice starting at 9 am.  Some 300 women from the Sabha’sPraants in Essequibo, Berbice and Demerara will be attending the Conference along with representatives from other Hindu organisations and women groups.

The conference is being held under the theme, ‘Inspiring Change: today’s Hindu Woman in Perspective,’ and it seeks to create a forum to connect, inspire and empower Hindu women in Guyana through the exploration of Hindu values. It also seeks to provide the women with a platform where they can identify, introduce, address and solve larger issues affecting them including contemporary issues faced by them within the family and allow them to develop support structures for their holistic, physical, intellectual and emotional empowerment.

Among the topics listed for presentation and discussion are: ‘The Hindu Value System and Parenting,’ ‘Focusing on Women’s Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Life Goals and Careers.’

Hindu women have displayed their brilliance in different spheres of life from the Vedic ages to the present times. Indeed, Hinduism is unique in that it also recognises God in the female form as Shakti (literally meaning Power). The Mandalee recognises that, in today’s world, the Hindu woman has issues to be addressed, she has responsibilities to take and she is seen as the one to take Dharma forward. In this regard, it is felt that conferences such as this one are important and serve as reminders and motivation for positive attitudes and actions.

Mahila Mandalee

May 25, 2016

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