The PPP calls for government to “spare no efforts” in addressing the flood affected communities


PPP Press Statement

Following the statement made by Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, Leader of the Opposition, on Wednesday May 24th, the Peoples Progressive Party’s reiterates his urgent call to the Government to “spare no efforts in its hinterland flood response.”

The P.P.P. further calls on the government to compressively address and efficiently and effectively manage efforts to address this natural disaster and meet the immediate, short and medium term needs of the villages and its residents.

Heavy rainfall, the main cause of the overflowing of Chenapau and Ireng rivers caused severe flooding in the villages of Chenapau, Kaibarupai, Waipa, Sand Hills, Itabac and Kanapang all located in Region 8 Potaro- Sipuruni. Whilst in Region 7 Mazaruni- Cuyuni,  the villages of Kako, Wowetta, Jawalla, Waramadong, Imbaimadai, Phillipai, Amakokopai, Quebenang and Purima have also been affected by heavy rainfall.

The Party recognises the severity and extent of the destruction of personal property and belongings, crops and farms, community and public infrastructure affecting more than 3000 residents of the flooded villages. It remains in touch with the people in communities affected and assures the residents that it will continue monitoring the situation.

The PPP is hopeful that the flood waters will continue to recede, and, that the emergency response by the government and its agencies to the flood affected villages will be stepped up so that they can return to normalcy as soon as possible.

The immediate needs of the affected communities – clean water, food supplies, medicines and emergency health workers must be the focus.

Preparations for the short and medium term needs of the communities to get back on their feet and reconstruct their homes , replace lost belongings, receive seeds and plants so that they can start back cultivation and repairing and rebuilding community infrastructure, including roads, bridges must also begin now.

The PPP calls on the government to ensure that the Regional Democratic Councils of the two affected regions, and, the Toshaos and the Amerindian Village Councils are fully involved and integrated in this response operation.

Furthermore, the government should come to the National Assembly with supplementary requests to comprehensively address the level and breadth of destruction and its aftermath on these communities in the near future.

The PPP wishes to thank all those who made donations including concerned businessmen and women within and outside the regions.

The Party recognises that climate change and more unpredictable and intense weather patterns will make many communities in Guyana more vulnerable. Therefore, the PPP calls on the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to extend its disaster preparedness master plan and operational mechanisms to all the regions, and to respond more effectively to natural disasters such as this.

People’s Progressive Party


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