Pirates strike; losses amount to $6.6 Million reported


By Leroy Smith
Four Guyanese fishermen from the West Coast of Demerara were able to escape alive after being attacked by pirates recently. However, the suspects managed to escape with more than $6M in catch, equipment and personal belongings from the crew.

The News Room was told that Boat Captain, Muneshwar Bissoon, and crew members; Statesh Bissoon, Zareek Mohamed, Leroy Albert and Ramduss Gangaram were attacked by four masked men, two of whom were armed with cutlasses and two with what appeared to be high-powered weapons on May 21, 2017.

We were told that the pirates strike about ten miles into the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Waini River. The fishermen reportedly told police detectives that the pirates spoke both English and Spanish.

The crew which left the West Demerara foreshore on May 13, 2017, explained that they arrived at the Waini River Mouth the following day in their vessel; one which they described to be measuring 50-ft in length, 10-ft in width and 6-ft in depth. The vessel was also powered by a 60 and a 70 horsepower engine.

One day after arriving at the mouth of the Waini River, (May 14, 2017), they began their fishing, proceeding ten miles into the Atlantic Ocean.

On 21st May, 2017 at approximately 20:30hrs Bissoon and his crew were said to be in the cabin of the vessel when they heard what sounded like a boat engine nearby. Upon investigating, they recounted seeing the masked men who they later identified as pirates, wielding the cutlasses and guns.

The pirates who then made their way onto the fishermen’s boat ordered them not to move and to comply with their instructions which the men did. The

The men recalled that the Pirates put them to lay on the bow of the boat face down, and proceeded to rob them. During the attack, the pirates took several things which amounted to approximately $6.6 Million in machinery, personal effects and the fishermen’s catch.

The suspects allegedly escaped with a 60 Yamaha engine value $1300000, 75 Yamaha engine value $1500000, quantity of food stuff value $80000, quantity of fish value $510000, one LG cell phone value $12000, one Rage cell phone $8000, three drum gas value $81000, four 12 volt battery value $140000, one 12 volt water pump value $35000, two cylinder cooking gas value $24000, a quantity of clothes valued $100000 and one Nike footwear valued $10000.

It was also during the attack that the fishermen were broadsided with cutlasses causing one of them to loose a finger.

The men were left unattended until they were rescued by a passing vessel. The matter was reported to the police floating vessel and the victims were escorted to an interior hospital where medical certificates were issued to them after examination.

This is the second such pirate attack in recent weeks. In the previous attack, a Corentyne man lost his life after being thrown overboard with his crew members.

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