Department of Labour reports 100 percent decrease in work place deaths


Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection Keith Scott says the Occupational Safety and Health Unit within the Department of Labour has seen a 100 percent decrease in workplace deaths thus far for 2017.

Minister Scott noted that the improvement would have not been possible without the support of the employers.

“We must thank the employers who have become conscious that it is in their interest not to have down time in terms of machinery breaking down, in terms of workers having accidents and so,” explained Minister Scott.

The Minister noted that employers have been appreciative of the work of the department, and due to that, he added that they can see the results of their work and they have reduced radically the accidents in the workplace.  

“What we have also done is that any fatal accident that occurred, what we did was instantly investigated it so that today, I can tell you we are at a 1 00 percent in terms of investigation in any fatal accident in this country,” said Minister Scott.

Minister Scott adds that the department under the supervision of Gwen King has been facilitating programmes for both employees and employers, making sure that they understand and comply with the rules that govern the unit.

“We have also been making sure that workers themselves become much more conscious of accidents,” explained the Minister.

Accidents can be predicted more or less using statistics and can also be prevented largely, he stated.

Minister Scott said he is proud of the officers that are a part of the department. (GINA)

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