Heavy Continuous rainfall expected over next 6-36 hours


Hydromet Office, Guyana, June 01, 2017 – Heavy and continuous precipitation will be observed over the next 6-36 hours over Guyana with the passage of a Tropical Wave which is expected to interact with an Upper Level Trough and Sub Tropical Jet.

Synopsis: An upper level trough and the Sub-tropical Jet are interacting with a tropical wave; these features are currently affecting and will continue to affect Guyana during the next 6 to 36 hours. Weather conditions are likely to deteriorate as the Jet entrance migrates over Guyana from time to time.

Associated weather: Regions across Guyana will experience mostly overcast skies; coastal and inland areas will experience continuous moderate to heavy rain and thundershowers. Periodic high intensity rainfalls are anticipated in areas of Regions 2 to 5. Precipitation is expected to be less intense over all other locations.

Twenty-four hours accumulated rainfall amounts are expected between 40 mm and 80 mm over Regions 7, 8 and 9 and in excess of 120 mm over Regions 1 to 6 and 10.

Possible effects of Weather: With the current and forecasted weather conditions, there exist high probabilities that water accumulation and flooding WILL be observed. Hilly areas are likely to experience landslides.

Table 1: shows the Admiralty Tide Tables for the period Thursday June 1, 2017 to Sunday June 4, 2017.

Hr: Min Metres Hr: Min Metre
22:51 2.59 15:51 1.04
2017.06.02 10:32 2.43 04:27 1.08
23:57 2.63 17:04 1.14
2017.06.03 11:47 2.41 05:34 1.03
–:– -.– 18:13 1.15
2017.06.04 00:51 2.70 06:33 0.93
12:51 2.45 19:09 1.12

The National Weather Watch Center will continue to closely monitor this event and will issue bulletins as the need arises.

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