La Jalousie/Nouvelle Flanders NDC Overseer under investigation for Fraud


A former employee of the La Jalousie/Nouvelle Flanders Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) is currently under investigation for fraud after it was found that she siphoned off over a million dollars from the body.

According to information received by News Room, the NDC Overseer, Bibi Halima Razack would usually issue receipts for the original sums of monies paid in rates and taxes to residents, however changes the sum on the original receipts which is kept by the NDC.

The misappropriations were noticed earlier this week by the Finance Chairman who during his one-off inspection of the receipt books, noticed that the figures were changed.

It was noted that over $1.6M has been found missing from October 2016 to present. This is believed to be only a fraction of the overall sum as Razack was employed with the Agency for three years and the Officials were only able to comb through three of the receipt books.

Following the discovery, officials on Thursday (June 01, 2017) from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Region Three visited the agency and spoke with the Regional Executive Officer among others, after which an investigation was launched.

Shortly after the investigation was launched, News Room was told by a reliable source that Razack walked off the job.

A complaint was today (Friday, June 02, 2017), made to the Leonora Police Station.

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