Motorcyclist dies in head-on collision with motor car


A motor cyclist lost his life last night (Sunday, June 04, 2017) at Amelia’s Ward, Linden, after he attempted to overtake a minibus which was already in the process of overtaking a motor lorry.

29-year old Wilbert Sydney

Information received by News Room suggests that 29-year old Wilbert Sydney of Lot 70 Half Mile Wismar Linden was proceeding East along the northern side of the road at a fast rate his motorcycle CH 5634.

It is alleged that he attempted to overtake Mini Bus; BVV 6450 which was at the time overtaking Motor lorry GRR 6181, when he collided head on with Motor Car # PNN 4510 that was proceeding West along the Southern Side of the road at a fast rate.

As a result of the collision, Sydney was flung from the motorcycle into the motor lorry and on to the Northern parapet.

He was picked up in an unconscious state along with drivers of Motor Car, 21 year old Michael Luckhoo and Motor Lorry, 39 year old Mark Charles, and taken to Linden Hospital Complex.

Sydney was pronounced Dead on arrival, while the Driver of Motor Car and Motor Lorry was admitted patients for observations.

The vehicles were also lodged at the police station.

The incident occurred at around 21:30 hours.

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