CDC providing new homes, infrastructure to flood affected Region 7 & 8 residents


Several agencies are aiding in the in the recovery process of the flood affected residents in Regions Seven and Eight.

Retired Colonel and Director General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Chabilall Ramsarup explained that efforts are now being intensified to provide the residents with new homes since the water has receded in both Regions.

Ret’d Colonel and Director General, Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Chabilall Ramsarup

Colonel Ramsarup explained that, “the Ministry of Communities will take the lead on rebuilding the houses, I asked them to not use mud when rebuilding because when the water touches the mud it crumbles, we also asked them if they can build back the houses not in valleys but on higher grounds.”

The heavy rains initially began Region Eight on May 17, 2017 which saw continuous heavy rainfall over a period of approximately five days resulting in severe flooding. The heavy rainfall has resulted in in the loss of food security for residents, since all the farms in the Upper Mazaruni district were underwater and some were completely destroyed.

To correct such losses, the Ministry of Agriculture provides the regions with farming materials and equipment to get back into their farming businesses. “They (Ministry of Agriculture) assured me that that they will go in sometime this week, so it’s now up to the region to do the resupplying or replanting because they know more of the ground than we do.” Colonel Ramsarup pointed out.

The damaged roads and bridges and other infrastructure will also be addressed by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

The CDC Director pointed out that the provision of necessary supplies including food aid, water cans, soap hampers, mosquito nets, and medical supplies have been delivered to all the flood affected residents. He added that to date all of the villages that were impacted were resupplied with rations, to last for another ten days along with cleaning and medical supplies and clothing.

Additionally, more supplies will be sent to the regions at Mahdia, Kamarang and Kato shortly.

(Department of Public Information/ Government Information Agency (DPI/GINA)


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