‘A’ Division ranks hunting gun toting suspects


By Leroy Smith
Late last night, (Saturday, June 10, 2017) patrol ranks from the Brickdam Police Station were searching the Land of Canaan area on the East Bank of Demerara for two male suspects, who they believe were waiting to commit a felony.

According to details reaching the News Room, as the ranks were patrolling the area, they observed the two identifiable males standing on the corner of the road. As the police patrol approached the men, one of them threw a bag which he had in his possession, into a yard and they both fled the location.

The police gave chase but could not locate the two men.

The bag was then retrieved and searched where it was found to contain a weapon with several live rounds.

The patrol at the time of the operation had five ranks on duty, with a lance corporal being the most senior.

The matter remains under investigation even as the weapon was lodged at the Timehri Police Station where it is expected to undergo ballistic tests.

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