Health Services Director claims all procedures followed in recent neonatal death


The Director of Regional Health Services in Region Six, told media operatives earlier today (Tuesday, June 13) that all the necessary medical procedures were followed in a recent case where a 29-year-old woman lost her first child.

29-year-old Bibi Gildharry

The Director, Jevaughn Stephen said an investigation was launched 24 hours after the death of the infant and that has been completed. He added that a report has been compiled and is being prepared to be sent to the Chief Medical Officer.

The baby died while being transferred to Georgetown

“So we had to make a decision to transfer the child to Georgetown but the child died while at the Georgetown Public Hospital. I note the statements made by Miss Gildharry about negligence at the New Amsterdam Hospital but we got a mandate that requires us to do a thorough investigation within 24 hours which was done. Based on reviewing the documentation it shows that the doctors at the New Amsterdam Hospital did all that is necessary and they stick to the hospital protocols,” he explained.

According to the director, Bibi Gildharry of Smithfield, New Amsterdam, Berbice, was rushed to theatre at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for emergency surgery after which the baby was born. However, he said the baby was born unstable.

The News Room was told that it is up the Chief Medical Officer to conduct further investigations to determine whether the claims of negligence made by the victim are true and whether the nurses and doctors on duty at the time were at fault.

Meanwhile, Gildharrry is pleading for justice for her child.

The woman is claiming that she was 40 weeks pregnant when she visited the New Amsterdam Public Hospital as was requested by doctors there ahead of her due date. She related that her water bag (amniotic sac) burst indicating that she was ready to deliver her first baby 11:45 pm on May 23, but the nurses and doctors told her that she should return to her bed.

Gildharry told the News Room that she started having pain from the time her water bag (amniotic sack) burst until the following day (May 24, 2017). She added that during that time she noticed the baby had stopped moving and immediately informed the medical professionals at the hospital.

Gildharry disclosed that she after she failed to pass the baby out normally, she requested for a C Section.

She added that after the doctor and nurses decided to go for the C-Section, she passed the baby out but by that time, she noted that the baby was already dying.

According to Gildharry, she believes that the baby died from suffocation and related that if the health officials at the New Amsterdam Hospital had acted earlier to her plead, then she could have had her healthy baby boy today.

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