Child’s note found outside West London Tower block after inferno which killed at least 12 persons


(Daily Mail- UK) A heartbreaking note written by a child describing their happiness and dreams has been found among the charred remains of the Grenfell Tower block.

The note, which has been singed at the edges, reads: ‘I can not describe my feelings.

‘I am very, very happy. I have a lot of ideas and plans.

‘I have lots of dreams I wants to achieve.’

The note has been signed off: ‘Mr Vellow’.

Is it not known who the note belonged to or if they managed to escape the blaze.

More than 600 were forced to flee the block in White City this morning (Wednesday, June 14, 2017- London Time).

It is thought to have been caused by a faulty fridge, which exploded at about 1am.

At least 12 people have died, 74 are in six London hospitals including 20 in a critical condition.

Dozens more are feared dead or missing with one source claiming total could run into the hundreds.

The fire was still burning at 6pm today (London time).

With dozens now feared dead or missing and the tower’s mana

With dozens now feared dead or missing and the tower’s management facing a possible gross negligence manslaughter case it has emerged that petrified people were seen throwing themselves and their children out of windows.

A baby was even tossed from the ‘9th or tenth floor’ but was caught and survived. The mother’s fate is unknown.

Trapped residents begged to be rescued while waving white towels, torches and mobile phones after being urged to stay in their flats.

It also emerged that residents gave repeated warnings about ‘appalling’ fire safety to landlord Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), whose four bosses earned £650,000 between them last year.

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