IPA in ‘Big’ John Edwards’ corner for Pan Am C’ship


Top Guyanese powerlifter ‘Big’ John Edwards has received support from International Pharmaceutical Agency (IPA) as he prepares to represent the country at the Pan American Powerlifting Championship from July 3-10 in Orlando, Florida.

Edwards will suit up against leading powerlifters from around the globe, and IPA said it is enthused to be in the athlete’s corner, noting that over the years it has sponsored many sporting activities such as Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Karate and Rugby.

“Besides being a major Pharmaceutical distributor, the company strong believes that sport has a significant economic, political and cultural influence on our society, as it has the unique power to attract, mobilise and inspire,” the company said in a statement. 

Edwards, under the Universal Nutrition brand distributed by IPA, is the current heavyweight champion (equipped and unequipped) and will be attempting to break the current unequipped bench press world record of 467.5lbs, along with the Pan American and Commonwealth records of 529lbs and 451lbs respectively. 

“International Pharmaceutical Agency, along with fans of Mr. Edwards, is confident that he will make the country proud and wishes him success throughout the competition,” the company statement concluded.

Edwards expressed appreciation for the support, noting that he is determined to be on the podium brandishing the Golden Arrowhead.

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