Turkeyen taxi driver under investigation for Albion robbery


Investigations are ongoing into a robbery which was committed on an Electronic shop at Lot 14 ‘E’, Albion Front, Corentyne at about 02:30hrs this morning (Thursday, June 15, 2017).

News Room was told that the incident took place five houses away from the Albion Police Station. As such, a Constable who was on duty, observed a male fetching a bulky box from the building and a parked burgundy motor car outside.

The Constable decided to approach the man who then dropped the box and ran away while the car drove off proceeding east.

With the assistance of other ranks, the police gave chase after the car and later found same abandoned at Rose Hall Town, Corentyne Reef.

A 12-volt battery and an inverter were found in the car, which were taken to the Albion Police Station and lodged.

The owner of the Shop was contacted, 59-year-old Jailall Motilall and he confirmed that his store was broken into and articles including those recovered, were stolen.

The investigation, however, changed course when at about 04:45 am, a 37-year-old man, Freddie Butler of 367 Section ‘B’, Turkeyen, Georgetown, turned up at the Police Station claiming that his car was hijacked.

Fred Butler (Left bottom)

The man told police that he was hired by a male East Indian to take him to Berbice while he was working taxi in the vicinity of Lamaha and Dury Lane in Georgetown.

He claimed that on arrival over the Berbice Bridge they drove heading east and at #19Village, the man ordered him to stop while pointing a gun towards him. He noted that at this point, another East Indian man joined them.

Butler claimed that the second man forcefully took over the driving and ordered him to sit in the back seat with the one who had hired him.

He further related that on reaching Auchlyne, the men stopped the car and took him (Butler) into a burial ground where they tied his hands to his back and then to the wall of a church. The Taxi Driver also alleged that the suspects stuffed his mouth with a cloth and left with his car.

Checks at the Berbice Bridge revealed that Butler crossed at 01:40 hrs which confirm with the ticket issued to him. Butler explained that he took about 25 to 30 minutes from the bridge to Auchlyne, Corentyne, Berbice.

Additionally, there are no marks of violence seen on his body.

According to police sources, his story is not corresponding.

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