“It is time” for a presidential press conference – Jagdeo


.Written by Devina Samaroo

“It is time” that the President, David Granger come out of hiding and address the media fraternity in the form of regular press conferences – according to Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.

The former President is of the view that there are many issues which the President needs to clarify and address.

“It is time that the President holds a press conference so that a lot of these matters he can give clarity. Since we’re the ‘doom peddling people’ he could bring hope to the country,” Jagdeo expressed during a Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) press conference at Freedom House today (June 19, 2017).

President Granger has not held a press conference since in October 2015.

When he was questioned by the media about his lack of engagement with the media, the Head of State insisted that he has regular interactions with the fraternity.

The President had especially boasted about his weekly televised programme called ‘The Public Interest’ where he fielded questions from a few members of the media for 30 minutes.

The panel included a state media operative and a private media worker as well as a government employee as the moderator who also poses questions to the president. Therefore, the time allotted has to be divided between the three interviewers, and more often, the journalist from the private media entity only has about 10 minutes to direct and receive answers to questions from the Head of State.

Notable, however, the last aired edition of “The Public Interest” was more than two months ago.

Furthermore, members of the media had expressed that the televised podcast was insufficient.

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