GINA sent mail to AG’s “fake email” address in the past


Independent investigations have revealed that the email address the Attorney General Basil Williams claims is fake, was previously used by the Government Information Agency (GINA).

Snippets of two leaked emails purportedly from Williams – Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) –outlining the Coalition’s strategies to win the upcoming General and Regional Election in 2020 were circulated on Tuesday.

In a press statement, Williams insisted that the emails were not his.

The Attorney General said based on his investigations, the email address was recently created and he also argued that there is an uppercase ‘B’ in the fake email while his email was created with a lowercase ‘b’ for his first name. But that was not the case. But, the “leaked” email address did not have an uppercase B.

News Room found correspondence dating as far back as July, 2016 whereby GINA had sent emails to the address – the same email displayed in the leaked snippets.

The “leaked” email address which the Attorney General Basil Williams claims is “fake” and the email sent by a GINA official to the same email address.

Notably, email service providers do not permit the creation of accounts with identical addresses.

One of the “leaked” emails contained plans of the PNCR Re-Election Committee (REEC), outlining several measures to win the next general elections.



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