President denies WPA sidelined by Coalition


President David Granger has denied claims that the Coalition has sidelined the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) since the 2015 General and Regional Elections.

At a Press Conference on Monday (June 19, 2017), WPA’s Executive Members claimed that the party is being sidelined by the Coalition.

The WPA is one of the five parties which make up A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

Speaking with media operatives on Wednesday, Leader of the APNU, President, David Granger, says his party has always been inclusive.

He stated that “I was very careful in 2015 to ensure that every party in the APNU is represented in the National Assembly, and has a position…there’s been no sidelining of anyone of the Parties and I had the option to make a selection after the 16th of May, and I made a selection based on my commitment to inclusionary democracy.”

While the WPA is represented by Dr. Rupert Roopnariane- Minister of Public Service, the National Front Alliance is represented by Minister Keith Scott, the Justice For All Party by Jaipaul Sharma and the Guyana Action Party by Sydney Allicock.

WPA’s executive, Dr. David Hinds at Monday’s Press Conference stated that other parties have expressed similar sentiments. He noted that “there are those who are open to continue working with the Government to those who feel that we have been so disrespected that we should get out of the Government.”

However, the Head of State does not feel the issues within the Coalition should be dealt with in the public’s domain.

“I run a coalition, and I do not attack my partners. I have not expressed any concern, I have not reacted, but I know where we are going, I know the importance of the Coalition to Social Cohesion and to inclusionary democracy and to the future of this country,” Granger said.

He further outlined that “I don’t believe that the business of the Coalition could be effectively and efficiently transacted in the media. I don’t do business like that.”

The WPA executive members had stated that they will address their issues in a frontal manner when APNU meets next month. The coalition parties will meet for the first time since assuming office, on July 22.

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