School boy’s body pulled from swamp


A mother of nine is grieving the death of her 8-year-old son whose remains was found in a swamp a short distance from their Lot 154, Block ‘E’, Sophia, home.

Jocelyn Pickette

According to the woman, Jocelyn Pickette she last saw her son, Isaiah Smart on Monday (June 19 2017).

She related to News Room that the boy left with her daughter, Niece and Great-Nephew who were at her home watching African Movies earlier that day and never returned.

“They say the go home, they lie down and leff he in front, and they sleep,” Pickette added. She was also told by her relatives that the house was left in a state of disarray.

However, the woman said an alarm was not raised as her son would usually venture a short distance away to visit his father.

“(We say) He mussy gone through the alleyway and gone at the back and gone by he father. Lil after duh, I go and they say he gone over suh and every day, there is where he does go, over by he father, even if yuh sleeping, he does get up and sometimes he come back till next day,” the mother told News Room.

The 8-year-old who was a student of the F.E. Pollard Primary School was described as a very willing and loving child.

Rashida Stoll

His remains was discovered by one of his cousins, Rashida Stoll, who he left home with. She noted that she found an umbrella in the drain in her yard, earlier on Tuesday morning (June 20, 2017), however, she was unaware that his remains was also in the location.

Stoll related that another of her cousin noticed the boy’s coat in the said drain and that was what prompted further investigation.

“I call me cousin say, come leh we go see wuh really happen and when we go, I see he green pants…and I start to run away and I call me mother and scream. Me cousin go and he pull out the pants with he body and suh and me cousin start running back,” she told News Room.

They said that they are not able to get over the fact that he died so suddenly.

The boy’s mother says she has no clue what might have caused her son’s death and according to the police “he aint get no buss head, no snake aint bite he- they check all over and them aint see nothing. All them see is blood coming out he eye and nose, duhs all yuh see.”

The woman however, found the signs to be “unnatural” noting that her son cannot drown in just two inches of water. “When they turn he over, they see he got the grass grip inside he hand like he trying for help,” the mother added.

A post-mortem is scheduled for Friday (June 23, 2017) to determine what course of action the police ought to take, if any at all, regarding the death of the child.

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