ENDURANCE RENTAL CUP: Newcomers Team Unruly gunning for top three finish


By Avenash Ramzan

Newbie ‘Team Unruly’ is looking to rule the competition on Friday in the 500lb Class at GT Motorsports’ fourth Endurance Rental Cup. Team Unruly, made up of Phillip Paruag, Michael Khan and Timothy Jadubal, is based in Cummings Lodge and is sponsored by Mike’s Auto Music, also of the same village.

The three will be making their competitive debut on Friday at the Endurance Rental Cup, and according to Paruag, they are excited to hit the track against the more seasoned campaigners. Team Unruly will be competing in the 500lb Class.

“We’ve been doing some really good, competitive times. At first we were a little scared to come into the whole competition and running with the big guys, but we noticed that we’ve been practicing and we noticed we’ve been putting up good times, and we believe we can make an impact,” Paruag told News Room Sport.

Constant improvement in timings during practice, Paruag pointed out, motivated them to form a team and enter the competition.

“Practice is always good and practice makes perfect. Every day we come here we put in a couple minutes here and there and we’ve been improving. We’re now doing low 40’s (seconds per lap) and the big guys are doing low 40’s as well, so we believe you can come off the road and once you practice you have a chance to run and win and be competitive,” Paruag posited.

Given their practice timings, Paruag believes that they have the capacity to finish within the top three in the 500lb Class, once they properly execute their race plans.

“It’s just a nice feeling to have regular Joe’s like come out and be able run along big names, because we won’t get a chance to run on the big track at South Dakota, but this is where we can run along, and against the big guys. Like I said, we’ve been competitive and we just hope to see our names in the top three, where we can say that we’ve run and we’ve achieved a lot,” Paruag pointed out.

Team Unruly firmly believes the initiative by GT Motorsports to provide a platform for just about anyone to get involved in competitive go-kart racing is a great one and it should be supported.

Meanwhile, the new additions to this month’s activity are 10-lap races, an all-girls race and a Hall of Fame race for elder drivers. Interested teams and individuals desirous of participating are asked to inbox GT Motorsports on Facebook or contact Stephen (669-1900) or Roger (601-8084) to register. 

At the last Endurance Rental Cup in March, Team Nexus made a clean sweep of both the 500lb and 600lb classes. Action will race off at 19:00h and admission to the event, which is sponsored by Secure Innovations and Concepts, Karcher, E-Networks and the Track Bar, is absolutely free.

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