Improved performance on Raveiro Tucker’s mind


By Avenash Ramzan

After a quiet showing in his maiden competitive outing earlier this year, Superbiker Raveiro Tucker is gunning for the podium at the National Race of Champions 2 on Sunday (July 2) at the South Dakota Circuit.

Tucker’s debut on the big track didn’t go as planned last March in the National Race of Champions 1, as he finished fourth in all three races, which attracted four competitors. With a lot more to time to fine tune his Yamaha YZF R6 bike and decipher what went wrong at the last race meet, Tucker detailed his preparations for Sunday’s event to News Room Sport.

“Right now I’m practicing. Every Sunday I’ve been up (to the track) for the past two months; testing cornering speed, acceleration, just basically fine tuning the bike. Well my tyres came in this morning and I’m about to throw them on, but so far by times are coming down, and I’m expecting to compete with the other guys. From the last race it wasn’t really that good, but this race I’m feeling real good about it. I will go up (to the track) tomorrow afternoon (June 28) and Saturday (July 1) to practice,” Tucker explained on Tuesday (June 27).

Raveiro Tucker on competitors: “I won’t let them get too confident about it. Everybody is preparing early. That (last race meet) was a quick run to see what it’s like, but now is the real deal.”

Despite finishing bottom of the pile the last time, Tucker is not at all deterred as, according to him, the situation now is vastly different from what obtained back then.

“Well basically the bike I rode the last time- it’s the same bike I have now- it was basically like a buy and ride. It was piloted by renowned rider Nikhil Seereeram and I bought it from them and just throw it on the track and give it a test run; what it feels like, the handling and stuff. The difference now is that it has a damper on; there are a few others (adjustments) which I don’t want to let out, but the horsepower is up by far (and) the acceleration, handling is better now so I’m expecting some really good times and competition with Kevin Persaud,” Tucker told News Room Sport.

Persaud was the star performer at the last meet, winning all three races, while John Bennett took three second place finishes and Ravi Singh three thirds. With Matthew Vieira slated to compete on Sunday, Tucker is aware on the task at hand and he had a message for his competitors.

“I won’t let them get too confident about it. Everybody is preparing early. That (last race meet) was a quick run to see what it’s like, but now is the real deal. I don’t want to say anything yet; race day when it’s time to go out and ride we will ride,” Tucker said. 

Tucker is sponsored by Ramps Logistics, El Dorado Offshore, The Track Bar, Palm Court and Power Mining. The National Race of Champions 2 is expected to attract a large group of drivers and riders, while spectator turnout is also expected to be massive.  

The day’s activities, set to get underway at 08:00h, will be coordinated by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club in partnership with a number of sponsors.  

Among the major corporate partners are B.M Soat, Palm Court, Ansa McAl Trading, Prem’s Electrical and Mohamed’s Enterprise. Admission to the venue is $1,000 for adults and $500 for children under 12.

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