Speeding taxi careens off Railway Embankment


The free flow of traffic was disrupted on the East Coast Demerara Railway Embankment on Tuesday morning (June 27, 2017) after a speeding taxi careened off the roadway at La Bonne Intention (LBI).

The silver grey Nissan Bluebird, bearing registration number HC 7155, has the logo of a taxi service affixed to the driver’s side door.

Skid marks were visible on the roadway about 100 metres away from where the vehicle was finally brought to a halt in a canal along the LBI Estate Road.

One eyewitness told News Room the accident was a direct result of excessive speeding.

The front and side fences of a private property were severely damaged, while at least two small trees were uprooted.

The driver was whisked away to a city hospital, according to the eyewitness. 

It is unclear if he was the only occupant of the vehicle at the time. (Photos: Avenash Ramzan)

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