NMFU commissions system to better manage wireless communication


A Monitoring system that will not only weed out illegal use of Spectrum but also ensure that an acceptable radio and television reception is provided to the Public, was on Wednesday (June 28, 2017) commissioned by the National Frequency Management Unit (NMFU).

Head of the NMFU, Valmiki Singh

According to Head of the Unit, Valmiki Singh, the Spectrum Monitoring system valuing over $117M Guyana dollars serves as the electronic “eyes and ears” to the manage wireless communication.

He outlined that “Some of the goals of Radio Spectrum Monitoring include; assisting in the resolution of radio spectrum interference, assisting in ensuring an acceptable quality of radio and television reception by the General public, providing valuable monitoring data to support frequency assignments and Spectrum planning functions, verification of proper technical and operational characteristics of transmitter signals.”

It will also help in the detection and identification of illegal transmitters and verification of frequency assignment records in real time.

According to NMFU’s Head, there are already a number of unauthorised frequency transmissions detected. These in most cases interfere with the authorised transmissions.

The Unit commissioned by the NMFU Head and Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes

The NMFU has trained six of its staff to efficiently use the system.

The system includes one fixed-site monitor located at the Foreign Affairs Ministry on South Road, Georgetown, to monitor the city and its environs and two mobile monitors, which will be deployed to several locations across the Country.

Fixed site equipment (left), Mobile equipment (right)

With the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector on the horizon, Singh noted that the demand for Spectrum has been increasing.

Additionally, with the development of administrative towns, the Unit is increasing its capabilities to adequately serve those towns.  It was pointed out that fixed monitoring sites would be established in those areas if it is required.

The equipment was supplied by the California-based, TCI International Inc. The company was chosen from four international bidders by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB).

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