Armed bandits threaten to kill businesswoman, husband during robbery


A Corentyne couple who operates a grocery store is grateful for their lives after two gunmen attacked them and threatened to take their lives if they refused to hand over cash and valuables earlier today (Thursday, June 29, 2017).

According to information reaching the News Room, the robbery occurred at about 12:30 hours while 57-year-old Kumari Kumaldeo and her husband 58-year-old Pandit Kumaldeo were at home alone conducting their business.

57-year-old Kumari Kumaldeo

Kumari told the News Room that she was in a hammock in the lower flat of her home while her husband was seated on a bench close by. At the time, their grocery store was open for business as per normal.

She recalled seeing two persons heading into the shop and informed her husband to sell the two men not knowing they were bandits posing as customers.

“Meh tell meh husband to go see what them want and he gone and by time meh turn suh one of them deh by meh neck with a knife and seh don’t scream don’t mek no noise or else meh go bore yo. When meh get up he hold meh an shove meh in the shop and he seh sit down and don’t move and scream or I will shoot all two ayo and kill ayo” Kumari related.

She disclosed that while in the shop, the men used scotch tape to bound her hands together and covered her mouth before demanding money and jewellery. Kumari related that she told the men to take whatever they wanted and to not harm her and her husband.

58-year-old Pandit Kumaldeo

News Room understands that the men then turned their attention to the woman’s husband whom they also tied up and dealt several cuffs while demanding more money and other valuables. After almost twenty minutes the men escaped with cash, phone cards and other valuables.

The News Room was told that a customer who visited the shop found the couple taped up and alerted other villagers.

The police were called in and began their investigation. However, no arrests have been made thus far.

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