Mike Gonsalves aiming to be competitive at Georgetown Grand Prix


By Avenash Ramzan

Mike Gonsalves is looking for a competitive showing on July 8 when he steps into his Shifter Kart at GT Motorsports’ Georgetown Grand Prix. The Shifter Cup is a power-charged group with the best of the best set to test their mettle in the showpiece category of the event.

Gonsalves, who will be powering his cart with the number four affixed to it in support of his cousin Calvin Ming currently competing in the USF2000, is gearing up to give go-karts fans something to cheers about on July 8.

“Preparation is coming along very well. The guys here at the shop (Mings Products and Services workshop) giving me 100% support, helping me out a lot with the kart, so expect me to give my best come July 8 and try to be as competitive as possible,” Gonsalves told News Room Sport.

Gonsalves has been campaigning on the local circuit for quite a while now, and given his vast experience in the sport, he is of the belief that the margin for error on the track at GT Motorsports is very thin.

“The key to winning on that track is consistency; you have to be consistent on every single lap…any simple mistake and the other competitors are right there ready to pick you up. As soon as you slip that’s it. The guys there are really, really good and you have to be on your A-game before you can be competitive enough,” Gonsalves related.

Mike Gonsalves is aiming to be competitive at the upcoming Georgetown Grand Prix



While Gonsalves obviously harbours ambitions of being among the podium finishers, he is of the opinion that it’s quite an open field and it could boil down to who gets it right on race day.

“Everybody in the Shifter field can give me a challenge on that day. It just comes down to who comes on the day with their game face and their A-game and that’s it,” he reckoned.

The Shifter Cup is among the hottest race of the Georgetown Grand Prix, and Gonsalves believes it is the sheer skills and mastery of the fast kart that generates the excitement.

“Generally it’s a lot faster, a lot more horsepower. It’s a bit harder to drive, but it’s a lot more fun also, and the Shifter class is always considered as the Pro because that’s where the big boys are. It requires more skills,” Gonsalves explained. 

Gonsalves is proudly sponsored by Ming Products and Services and E-Networks to whom he is grateful for making it possible for him to race at the upcoming event, set to start at 19:00h or 7pm. Tickets cost $1,000 for adults, while children under 12 is $500 and VIP $4,000.

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