Fernandes optimistic of 13th straight junior Caribbean squash title


By Treiston Joseph  

Vice-President of the Guyana Squash Association (GSA), David Fernandes, is favouring Guyana to cop a 13th straight junior Caribbean team title when the Caribbean championship is hosted in Guyana from July 2. Guyana will be on the quest to attain Caribbean glory once again and Fernandes has high expectations of the Guyanese team.

“Everything is in place, sponsors are on board and we as an executive have really been working hard behind the scenes to make it work, but the kids have been hard at work and we expect them to do well during the tournament,” Fernandes noted.

In addition, Fernandes expects the players to give of their best during their team title defence. “We have players that will go out there and give there all; we might not win much single titles, but we have a team that relies on each other and that’s the important thing for us.”

Fernandes pinpointed a couple of factors that have made the Guyanese team as successful as they have been at the championship.

“I think three things have gotten us this far; we have Coach Ince that has won more than 12 titles for us he has been with us for the past 26 years and have won other titles; we also have a lot of depth and we have players that even if they are not having a good da they will pick up the slack and finally the kids have always had a lot of heart and that is the third thing,” Fernandes mentioned.

Meanwhile, Fernandes did highlight one particular athlete he expects to shine in the tournament. “Well, Shomari Wiltshire has been winning at the Under-13 level and we expect him to go up to the Under-15 level and continue that success, but we have good players that can get to the final but their efforts in the final will determine what they get in the final.”

The championship will be played at the Georgetown Club, Camp Street.

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