GEORGETOWN GRAND PRIX: Phang brothers preach importance of practice


By Avenash Ramzan

With GT Motorsports’ Georgetown Grand Prix fast approaching, the Phang brothers are leaving no stone unturned in their preparations to compete at the July 8 event.

Matthew and John of Pure Racing are popular names on the motor-racing circuit, and they have been creating quite a reputation at GT Motorsports, being part of the successful Gizmos and Gadgets/iRide team that have won three out of four 500lb Class event at the Endurance Rental Cup.

At the Georgetown Grand Prix they will be competing individually; Matthew will be showcasing his obvious driving skills in the 125cc Seniors and the Shifter Karts Cup, while John will be campaigning in the 125cc Junior.

Matthew, who has demonstrated a fearless attitude on the track at GT Motorsports, is in no way letting up, sending a strong signal to his competitors.

“I will be giving it all I got, pushing myself to the limit to make sure I really get good spots. I did a lot of practicing, a lot of testing and hopefully I get a great outcome,” he told News Room Sport. “I’m very nervous about the Shifter race because they got some big boys coming, so we will know who’s really faster.”

Competing in two categories on one night is a demanding task, especially in go-karting, but Matthew is confident with his training regimen that he’s in peak condition.

“I’m definitely fit enough, definitely. I do a lot of training…I train every day. I drive three to four times a week; I love it so I just do it and I enjoy it a lot,” Matthew, who got one podium finish (a second) at the last meet, related.

John will once again be entering the 125cc Juniors, and although he is one to watch out for, he would be wary of the challenge of Mikhail Persaud, who made a clean sweep of the three races at the last Grand Prix in April.

His aim is to “maintain focus and try not to push too hard and spin off. I have to focus a lot and try to get a good start and keep in front.”

With the hope of taking the top podium spot this time around, John has been putting in long hours on the track, pointing to the importance of practice in perfecting one’s craft.

“You have to practice, you can’t just show up to drive and think you’re going to beat everybody without practice. We (Phangs) practice almost every weekend, (and) couple times during the week. We practice a lot,” he stressed.

The Georgetown Grand Prix will start at 19:00h or 7pm. Tickets cost $1,000 for adults, while children under 12 is $500 and VIP $4,000.

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