Private Schools Dominate top spots at NGSA


Majority of the top performers at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) hailed from privately-owned  primary schools.

The Ministry of Education on Friday (June 30, 2017) released the results of the 2017 NGSA examinations with 12 year old Saskia Twahir of the School of the Nations copping the top spot. She achieved a score of 524, earning her a spot at the country’s prestigious secondary school, Queen’s College.

Twahir told News Room about her journey towards becoming the top NGSA student.

“I would attend Saturday lessons at 09 am and go home at 05 (pm) and on Sundays, I’d stay home and study from 9 in the morning to three in the afternoon. It requires a lot of sacrifices, to be honest. It wasn’t easy and you have to stay confident, don’t let anybody bring you down and always be thankful to those who helped you along the way…and just be calm”

Twahir wants to one day become a businesswoman so she can take over the family business.

Amelia Sugrim

Coming in second place were five candidates with 523 marks. Those being Clifton Bacchus from Mae’s Under 12, Gabriella Roberts from the Success Elementary, Xiana Chabila from Graham’s Hall Primary, Amelia Sugrim from Academy of Excellence and Antonia Dey from Academy of Excellence.

News Room caught up with Amelia Sugrim who noted that she was very excited. She said that it has always been her dream to attend Queen’s College and she worked hard for that.

We also spoke to several other top performers and here’s what they had to share.

Raj Seeram from the Swami Purnananda Primary- 522 Marks 

“I feel really good, I feel excited. Am really happy…I thought I was going to do good, but I didn’t thought I was going to do this well.” Seeram is aspiring to be a Scientist when he gets older.

Emily Lalchand from the Academy Of Excellence- 522 marks

“I am very excited, elated. I didn’t know that I would’ve done so well. I am just very happy because I am the only one in my Family that ever did so well.” Lalchand is an aspiring Lawyer because my parents always “tell me that I can argue very well, that I can make a good case.”

Jerod Roberts- Marian Academy- 522 marks

“I am really excited, I feel really good about what I have achieved and I am ready to enter Secondary School.” Roberts is an aspiring Pilot.

Kripa Thani -Mae’s Under 12- 522 marks

“I feel proud, I feel amazing, I am so happy.” Speaking of some her sacrifices during exam, Thani noted that “I had to cut out on some of my activities like sports and stuff like that.” She is an aspiring Businesswoman who wants to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Muhammad Bacchus- ISA Islamic- 522 marks

I feel very happy inside” Bacchus told News Room. He noted that he also, had to cut out some sporting and watching television to do well. When asked what he is aspiring to become, the lad said he wants to be an auditor to “make money”

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