Deodass trusting Starlet’s “reliability”


By Avenash Ramzan 

Starlet Cup top driver Motilall ‘Kevin’ Deodass is sticking to the script for this Sunday’s (July 2) National Race of Champions organised by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club.

The Starlet, bearing #56, has been working excellent, according to Deodass, and he is not too keen on making any major changes. Reliability, Deodass indicated, has been his watchword and he once banking on the Starlet to outdo the competition come Sunday.

“For this race I haven’t done much preparation; just basic oil change, run suspension, brakes and just making sure everything is alright, because we didn’t have any problem from the last race,” Deodass indicated to News Room Sport. “I don’t want to trouble the car because it didn’t give any trouble at the last meet.”

Deodass will be competing in the Starlet Cup and Group Three

Like he did at the last race meet in April, Deodass will be competing in the Starlet Cup and the Group Three category. He won the lone Starlet Cup race, and placed third in one of the Group Three races.

“Well for this race here I might get a lot of competition because a lot of the guys did upgrades, but I don’t want to trouble my car because it’s running fine,” he pointed out.

Deodass has been a dominant force in the Starlet Cup. In fact, he is the reigning Beharry Starlet Cup champion. Quizzed on the reason for his continued success in that division, Deodass responded.

“Reliability…and that’s why I don’t want to trouble anything. I’m waiting on somebody to probably get faster then I would go and trouble, but for now I’m reliable,” Deodass stressed.

Deodass (right) and his team at South Dakota at the last Race of Champions

The Starlet boasts its original 4E engine with upgraded turbo, running on E85 ethanol. Deodass is sponsored by Motor Trend Auto Sales, Spares and Repairs; Rohan Auto Spares, R. Kissoon Contracting Services, Esther and Associates and Miracle Optical.

The National Race of Champions 2 is expected to attract a large group of drivers and riders, while spectator turnout is also expected to be massive. The day’s activities, set to get underway at 08:00h, will be coordinated by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club in partnership with a number of sponsors. 

Among the major corporate partners are B.M Soat, Palm Court, Ansa McAl Trading, Prem’s Electrical and Mohamed’s Enterprise. Admission to the venue is $1,000 for adults and $500 for children under 12.

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