$20M to build boats for Berbice River – Ferguson


Government has allocated some $20M for the construction of two new speedboats to replace the hired river taxis currently operating in the Berbice River.

This was announced by the Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson during a brief engagement with the media today.

“So the Transport and Harbour Department (T&HD) is currently sourcing boat builders to construct two brand new speedboats,” she stated.

Two speedboats were contracted by the T&HD to operate in the Berbice River after the Berbice Bridge Company refused to reduce its tolls.

School children and pensioners are allowed to use the service free of cost while other passengers pay $140.

The boat operators currently ply their trade from 06:00h until 09:00h and then again from 14:00h to 18:00h on weekdays.

According to reports, the Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson had noted that it makes better sense for the government to own and operate the boats than to pay private individuals since the service will remain for the long haul.

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