Bank robbers wanted to intercept canister; Major Crimes take over investigation


Written by Leroy Smith

New information reaching the News Room suggested that the bandits who attempted a daring morning robbery on Tuesday at the Republic Bank Water Street location had their thoughts set on a canister filled with millions.

Police and bank sources told the News Room that based on internal information the suspects received from their counterpart, the men were hoping to rob the canister which usually transits different parts of the bank every morning. The canister is usually taken with the cash to various locations under internal security escort before the making its final stop at the vault of the bank.

Republic Bank Water Street location

That canister which is usually loaded with millions of dollars represents cash and cheques which were deposited into the bank by various companies and individuals. We were informed that given the long weekend, the Bandits expected the canister to be holding billions of dollars.

The bandits had hoped to intercept the canister with its contents somewhere in the bank before it reaches the vault after which it would have been more difficult for them to access the cash.

One senior police source expressed alarm that the bank’s security was penetrated and that the bandits managed to make their way inside the building.

The car belonging to now dead gunman, Elton Wray who was an Agronomist attached to the National Agriculture Research Extension Institute (NAREI) was located on Tuesday afternoon at the Royal Castle’s parking lot at South Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

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