4,000 seedlings, 5,000 grown marijuana plants destroyed


An intelligence led operation on Wednesday afternoon (July 05, 2017) at 10 miles Back Dam Ituni, Upper Demerara River saw the police destroying a quantity of seedlings and grown marijuana plants among other things.

The items were found during a drug eradication exercise which was executed by ranks of ‘E’ Division, namely the Mackenzie Police Station.

According to the details, the area which the illegal drugs were found, is said to be measuring approximately four acres and had three make-shift camps.

Added to that, there was a field consisting about 5,000 cannabis plants measuring about four inches to four feet in height.

The nursery is said to have contained some 4,000 seedlings. No one was present at the camp where the police observed the presence of four hammocks, one kitchen area, eating utensils and a large quantity of dried cannabis along with other items.

Everything the police found were destroyed on site and they are said to be working on added intelligence to find the persons who would have been operating at the camp.

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