CARICOM will not interfere in Venezuelan crisis


Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have decided to take a hand-off approach to the crisis in neighbouring Venezuela.

This is according to President David Granger, outgoing chairman of the regional trade and integration bloc.

“We hope the Venezuelan people can return to full democratic rule and full public order as quickly as possible without the intervention of third states. That is our ambition. We don’t want to intervene,” Granger said in an interview in St. Georges, Grenada.

Millions of Venezuelans are suffering from food shortages and soaring inflation caused by a severe economic crisis that has sparked political unrest. CARICOM hopes the crisis would end soon.

“Venezuela is one of the most mature democracies in the region. It has a history of elections…right now there is a bit of turbulence but we all hope that it would end sooner rather than later,” Granger said.

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