Teen complained several times of being harassed by murdered driver- Relatives


A 15-year-old lad who allegedly murdered a Corentyne taxi driver has since confessed to the crime.

Speaking with the News Room at his Lot 37, #69 Village home on the Corentyne, Chandraika Sooknanan who is the father of the 15-year-old disclosed that his family had received numerous complaints from the teen about being molested and harassed by the now dead taxi driver.

The lad allegedly stabbed 37-year-old Deonarine Lalljit of #72 Village, Corentyne, to his neck with a knife. Laljit subsequently succumbed to his injury.

According to Sooknanan who works as a seaman, he had just returned from work out at sea when he received the dreadful news about his son and was in shock as the teen was known by many to be a quiet individual who was very helpful to those within the community. He was also a former student of the Skeldon Line Path Secondary School.

“The only thing that I get is that he told his mother and complain about it and this is something that not supposed to be because he is a small child (suspect) and he is a big 37-year-old man (Laljit) harassing and molesting the child. He should get better understanding than to tantalise a small youth like that you know, and is not the first is not the second and is not the third” the man told News Room.

Sooknanan disclosed that his eldest daughter was married to a male from #72 village in the area where the deceased and his family resides. The separation led to his daughter’s ex-husband eloping with another woman. The deceased taxi driver would constantly harass the teen about the situation.

The father told the News Room that he has six children, with the accused being the eldest of four brothers. He disclosed that his son was not performing well in school and as a result, only last year he dropped out and would be at home most of the time assisting his mother and his younger siblings. He was expected to commence classes in computer science or electrician at an industrial training centre on the Corentyne in September.

According to the police investigation, on Wednesday, July 05, 2017, the victim while operating his hire car picked up a 15-year-old male passenger known to him, at No.69 Village, Corentyne en route to Line Path. It is alleged that during the journey, the victim began to make sarcastic remarks of his (lad) sister; during which process, the youth who was seated in the back seat whipped out a knife, and inflicted several wounds on the victim.

As a result, the victim stopped his vehicle, exited and collapsed a short distance. He was rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The suspect who fled the scene was arrested and taken into custody. The suspected murder weapon was also recovered.

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