BREAKING NEWS: Police Constables confess to planning Bank robbery, Second employee arrested


By Leroy Smith

Two police ranks from ‘A’ Division this evening confessed to detectives that they were part of a gang of six which plotted the attack on the Republic Bank, Water Street branch in what turned out to be failed robbery on Tuesday morning (July 04, 2017).

The two police ranks have been identified as a Rural Constable and a regular police constable, both stationed in ‘A’ Division. They were picked up on Thursday night (July 06, 2017) in Laing Avenue.

The men admitted to detectives that they were instrumental in the planning of the failed robbery at the bank. Additionally, another employee of Republic Bank was arrested this evening (Friday, July 07, 2017).

Contacted, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed the developments and said that the probe is widening. The Police have since sought and received an extension to hold the two suspects who were arrested on Tuesday, for an additional period.

Persons close to the investigations indicated to the News Room that CCTV cameras in the vicinity of Water Street picked up the two ranks in the company of the other three bandits on Tuesday morning (July 04, 2017) as they were making their way to the bank. The names of the two ranks who have since confessed have not been disclosed to the News Room.

On Tuesday after the robbery at the bank failed due to alert policemen and security personnel, the police managed to capture three suspects, two of whom were shot and one who was badly beaten by public-spirited citizens. One of the shot bandits later died on his way to the hospital.

As the police continue their investigations into the robbery and began interrogating the two remaining suspects, they pointed the detectives into the direction of the two police ranks who played a part in facilitating their criminal act.

The total number of persons now in custody is five. They are two bank employees, two police ranks and another civilian.

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