City Hall banks on friends as garbage collectors strike


The City was relatively clean this afternoon, but that could soon change with the two garbage collectors dumping City Hall over fees amounting to over $300 million.

The Georgetown City Council says it will employ all of its resources to do the jobs done by Cevon’s and Puran Brothers and would advise citizens of the new garbage collection arrangements.

Part of City Hall’s approach is to call on what it says is its “loyal friends with the appropriate resources” to help to secure the integrity of the general environment of the City of Georgetown.

The Council has said Solid Waste Management is an extremely expensive exercise to the City, taking up 9.1% of the total budget of Council. This does not include other Public Health and Environmental Services.

The monthly payment to the two contracts is $45 million each.

As the city looks to find a solution, it is seeking the full cooperation of citizens, asking them to ensure that they store their garbage in a proper manner, and that they wait on the collection trucks. Of course, there is the general plea for citizens to desist from dumping and littering their immediate and general surroundings.

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