Granger: There are not going to be prisoners roaming about the city or countryside


President David Granger is assuring the public that prisoners who were evacuated from the Camp Street prison following unrest and a fire will not be a danger to society.

“Guyanese can be assured that there are not going to be prisoners roaming about the city or countryside,” Granger said in a statement on NCN, the state broadcaster.

He said that most of the prison has been destroyed and cannot be used so the main priority of the authorities is to ensure that the prisoners are kept in a secure location.

“…our immediate task was to ensure the safety of the population by making sure that prisoners were not let loose on society; and that is being done,” he stated.
“We are sure we will be able to move some prisoners to Mazaruni, some will probably go to Lusignan and some may go to Timehri. So I expect that within a very short period of time, in 12 hours, all the prisoners will be back in secure accommodation.”

He added: I am very confident that by Monday morning the prisoners will be secured accommodation.

“We are anxious that the prisoners are safe from injury and kept in a situation overnight so they can be no menace to society.”

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