Abducted taxi driver turns up alive


22-year-old Matthew Shivtahal, the taxi driver who was allegedly abducted by the prison escapees on Sunday (July 09, 2017) has been found.

The man was moments ago found on the Railway Embankment at Annandale on the East Coast of Demerara (E.C.D) with his body covered in mud.

The young man told detectives that he was abducted on Camp Street during the Prison Riot on Sunday by four men who took him into the backlands and then released him to walk back out.

The man is presently at the Vigilance Police Station where he is receiving a meal and water from the police on duty.

After that, he would be escorted to Georgetown where he will be questioned by detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D).

The man’s presence along that part of the East Coast suggest that the prison escapees would have made their way into Annandale/Buxton Backlands in an attempt to escape.

It is unclear if Shivtahal told detectives if his abductors were armed and if they were joined or assisted by any other persons along the way.

The News Room will keep you posted on this latest development.

By Leroy Smith

Suspected getaway car located; Taxi driver missing

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