BREAKING NEWS: Approximately nine prisoners missing after jailbreak/fire


By Leroy Smith

The News Room has been able to confirm from multiple sources that approximately nine prisoners are recorded as missing, following the Camp Street jailbreak on Sunday which also saw the facility being set on fire.

The four persons for whom wanted bulletins were issued are also included in this number.

Speaking with the News Room today (Monday, July 10, 2017) a well placed source confirmed that the National Security Council during a meeting, was made aware of the development but a decision was taken not to release this information to the public until it becomes clear if those persons are now deceased or are fugitives.

On Sunday night, security officials named two persons who escaped from the Camp Street Jail during the unrest and fire. Two other names and photos were released on Monday, while another man whose face was partially covered with his clothing is still to be identified.

On Sunday night the police and prison personnel conducted a head count of the prisoners who were in their custody which was supposed to be 1,018. It was realised that nine persons were missing, but only five can be confirmed as escapees.

At day break on Monday, a search was immediately conducted at the burnt site of the Camp Street Jail to see if any charred human remains were among the rubble. However, up to late this afternoon, there was no evidence that any remains.

We were told that all that was found at the location were several warheads and spent shells. There were also no weapons recovered at the burnt out site.

Added to that, there is now initial evidence to suggest that the prison officer who was shot and later died, was actually shot by a former policeman and now fugitive, Uree Varswyck.

Uree Varswyck was arrested and charged with a robbery and murder at Sterling Product Limited on the East Bank of Demerara where a security guard lost his life and had his weapon stolen.

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