Police Force retracts Wanted Bulletin


The Guyana Police Force has found one of the prisoners which it previously issued a wanted bulletin for.

According to the Force’s Public Relations Officer, Murder accused Sherwin Nero a/k Sherwin Moses c/d “catty” of Friendship Buxton, ECD & Lot 74 Dennis Street, Sophia, “was positively identified and accounted for by a Senior Prison Official.”

The police earlier on Monday (July 10, 2017) issued Wanted Bulletins for “Catty” and Stafrei Hopkenson Alexander of Laing Avenue, Georgetown. On Sunday evening, Wanted Bulletins were issued for Uree Varswyke aka Malcolm Gordon and Mark Royden Durant aka Royden Williams C/D “Smallie”.

Williams who is believed to be the mastermind behind Sunday’s riot was February this year sentenced to death for his part in the Bartica massacre of February 17, 2008. He was convicted on seven counts of murder and five counts of manslaughter.

The authorities are claiming that though the bulletin was retracted, there are still five persons on the run while News Room is in receipt of information which states that a total of nine prisoners are missing.

The police force and other authorities have come in for major criticisms over its failure to determine the exact number of its 1,018 prisoners accounted for.

Giving what appears to be an explanation for the slothfulness of the counting process on Monday evening, Government’s Director of Public Information, Imran Khan claims that the process is being hindered by the prisoners themselves.

“Folks there is a considerable amount of understandable anxieties by many with regard to the verification of the number and identities of the prisoners in custody at Lusignan,” he stated in a social media post.

According to Khan, prisoners are refusing to identify themselves during roll calls and those being held in open spaces are also deliberately moving around to avoid a fair count.

It is the belief that the men are stymieing  the process for fear of being taken to the Mazaruni Prison where their families will no longer be able to visit them while others are being deliberately uncooperative so as to delay the identification of all the escapees for as long as possible.

The Guyana Defence Force, through its involvement in OPERATION SAFEGUARD, says it continues to fulfil its mandate to ensure the safety and security of citizens and communities across Guyana.

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