Ramjattan: We will have to do some extraordinary things to accommodate prisoners


“Extraordinary things” will have to be done to accommodate prisoners following the fire which flattened the Camp Street prison, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan said this evening.

“We have a big crisis on our hands,” Ramjattan stated.
The prison has a population of over 1, 000 with more than 50 percent of those on remand, including some who could not pay their bail, thus leading to the overcrowding.

Minister Ramjattan said while the prisoners are being moved to other locations – namely Mazaruni, Timehri, and Lusignan – these can only take in about 300, so the accommodation of others will have to be catered for. At the moment, tents and additional lighting are being arranged for the Lusignan prison to accommodate some of the prisoners.

He said that some of the “extraordinary measures” can include early release for non-violent offenders, such as those who were serving time for possession and trafficking of narcotics.

Ramjattan said “probably tomorrow” consideration can be given to lessening the bail of some, so their families may be able to secure their early release.

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