Buxton man picked up as joint services continue search for escapees


The joint services on Wednesday (July 12, 2017) moved into Buxton, and after an operation which lasted for several hours, they picked up a 25-year-old fisherman, Joel Eswick.

The man’s mother, Eve Eswick is furious at the actions of the joint services, especially as she claimed they took her son out of his bed and failed to inform family members why he was picked up.

Eve Eswick

It is no surprise that law enforcement would have moved to the area and began looking for the escapees. During the 2002 jail break, it was the first community the joint services entered to set up camp, after realising that some elements in the community were aiding the escapees and other wanted persons.

In this case, the woman said that her son is not someone who is known to the police and at the time that he was picked up, he was awaiting his employer to call him for them to go out to sea where he works.

On Wednesday, the joint services were combing the backlands on the East Coast of Demerara, in an effort to find evidence of the escapees there.

For Evelyn, the picking up of her son brings back memories, as she lost two family members during the crime wave between 2000 to 2005

The Joint services are presently conducting an operation called ‘Operation SafeGuard’. This is to ensure the safety and security of the citizens in communities across the country.

The GDF said that it continues to support the police force and other security agencies following the camp street jail.

The search is on for eight prisoners, among which is alleged mastermind, Royden Williams who was on death row for the Bartica Massacre.

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