6 prisoners escaped; 91 released – Ramjattan


Accounting for the 1018 prisoners who were at the Camp Street prison was a challenging process given that most of the records were destroyed by the inferno.

Authorities released conflicting information since Sunday’s historic jailbreak, but Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan is certain that they now have the correct numbers.

He disclosed that a total of six criminals have escaped and these are: Royden Durant aka Royden Willians and Smallie, Uree Varswyck aka Malcolm Gordon, Stafrei Hopkenson Alexander, Cobena Stephens aka OJ, Cornelius Thomas, and Desmond James.

The remaining inmates were transferred to a walled pasture near the Lusignan prison.

To date, a total of 463 inmates have been removed from that area: ( 83 were transferred to Mazaruni, 90 to New Amsterdam, 48 to Timehri, 57 were remitted, 34 released on bail and 151 removed from the pasture to the Lusignan Prison).

Therefore, a total of 91 prisoners have been set free and the Minister promised to make their names available to the public.

Efforts are underway to develop an area with sheds and a tarmac to house the remaining inmates.

Additionally, Ramjattan said some 250 prisoners will be transferred back to Camp Street once the surviving structures are rebuilt – a process estimated to be completed in seven days.

Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels explained the challenges in identifying the prisoners given that majority of the records went up in flames.

Samuels disclosed that they managed to retrieve almost 85% of the prison records and 97% of the warrants – which provide a clear description of the person, their offence, age and other biological data.

According to the Prison Director, since majority of the warrants were salvaged, the records could have been reproduced.

Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud added that the Guyana Police Force and the various courts would also have records.

Meanwhile, the Minister expects that the new improved temporary holding facility near the Lusignan Prison will be completed by tomorrow and the prisoners who were out in the open field will be transferred.

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