Goal-scoring fiesta on second night of Corona football


By Treiston Joseph 

A total of 29 goals were scored during night two of the Corona Football Championship on Wednesday at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground, Bourda. Fans of one-sided affairs got their wish as all the games were easily decided.

Western Tigers, in the first game of the night, hammered Black Pearl 13-nil. Black Pearl FC was simply outplayed and outclassed by Western Tigers in the match that was far from competitive.

Andrew Murray Jr scored a helmet-trick for Western with goals in the 15th, 55th, 80th and 83rd minutes, while Hubert Pedro (3rd, 37th), Devon Millington (10th, 29th) and Dwayne McLennon (33rd, 59th) scored doubles.

Linden Pickett (22nd), Mark Gittens (56th) and Darren Benjamin (79th) also scored solo efforts in the demolition. Meanwhile, with Camptown topping GFC 1-nil with Oziel Small being on target, Police had a field day with Beacons in the final match of the night.

Police routed Beacons 14-1 to end the night’s action in another one-sided game. Goal after goal was the order of the match with Quincy Holder scoring a helmet-trick in the seventh, 37th, 39th and 45th minutes.

Anthio Wallace also had a helmet-trick in the match, troubling the back of the net in 21st, 47th, 70th and 78th minutes, while Stephon Ramsey had a hat-trick in the 34th, 42nd and 84th minutes.

Dwain Jacobs also got into the scoring with a double in the 72nd and 81st minutes, while Jermaine Granderson had his lone goal in the 13th minutes. Christopher Galloway was the man to score for Beacon in the 43rd minute to at least give the lowly side some semblance of pride.

Matches in the tournament will continue on Friday at the Georgetown Football Club, ground.

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