Approximately 25 inmates released on reduced bail, recognizance, from NA prison


Several inmates from the New Amsterdam Prison were today (Friday, July 14, 2017) released on bail or sent on their own recognizance to make space for those inmates from the Camp Street Prison.

Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam hosted a press conference during which he stated that following the Georgetown Prisons’ riot, 81 inmates were transported to the New Amsterdam Prison.

Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam

According to the commander this has also raised concerns about security at the New Amsterdam Prison. As such, law enforcement personnel’s presence there was beefed up.

Reports suggest that one of the escapee whose girlfriend is on remand at the New Amsterdam Prison, was contacted and assured of being freed.

Amsterdam noted that while he is not sure whether the information was disclosed during a conversation or just a rumor, the escapee’s girlfriend was due to attend court on the East Coast on Thursday, July 13, 2017.

The woman was not allowed to attend court on that day but was further remand right at the New Amsterdam Prison.

“He (the escapee) told somebody or he told her through some conversation that he was gonna get her out. That wasn’t confirmed but yes she supposed to be in court but she didn’t make the court appearance but instead she was further remanded right here at the New Amsterdam Prison” Amsterdam added.

The News Room was informed that the woman not being allowed to attend court, was not as a result of the rumor but rather because courts along the East Coast of Demerara were closed. The Magistrate’s Courts were closed to deal with matters relating to prisoners who were transferred to the Lusignan Prison following the Camp Streep blaze.

However, the woman will now be treated as a high profile inmate.

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