New Lusignan facility to accommodate prisoners near completion


Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson said the new holding facility at the Lusignan Prison will be completed by tonight (Friday, July 14, 2017).

He added that the prisoners who are currently out in the open pasture will be transferred until daylight.

Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson took a tour of the new facility on Friday afternoon.

He told News Room during a telephone interview that employees are working around the clock to have the construction completed later in the evening.

Some 500 of the 1,018 prisoners who were transferred from the Camp Street jail after Sunday afternoon’s riot are currently being held at an open pasture near the Lusignan Prison.

The prisoners are growing frustrated being exposed to rain, dew and sun with no proper toiletry or resting facilities. Earlier on Friday morning, the inmates attempt to burn down the Lusignan Prison but the Fire Service managed to douse the fire.

As a result of the heavy downpours last night and this morning, the pasture area was flooded and the prisoners were at reportedly at wits end about this.

Sources confirmed to News Room that they used fuel from the generator and scraps from tents and mattresses to start the fire

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