$10M fine-dining restaurant opens in Eccles


Ryan Rajmangal and Lawrence McRae, two young entrepreneurs came together to open a restaurant in Eccles that is suitable for fine dining.

On Saturday last, the ribbons were cut and the doors “Peter and Ruth Restaurant and Grill” was officially opened to the members of the public.

The business partners say the restaurant will provide fine dining services

Speaking with the News Room during an interview, McRae said that a few years ago, he and Rajmangal tried the HD Restaurant on Charlotte Street but that was soon closed due to several challenges.

He however assured the News Room that the new restaurant in Eccles is here to stay as they have learned from the past experience. He said the restaurant will aim to make a difference in the lives of the people who live and work in Eccles and surrounding villages while also providing a new level of service to the public.

“One of the main objective is not to just feed people but we want to also reach out to people like those in the depressed communities and assist them with educational packages,” McRae told the News Room.

As he spoke of the services they wish to offer, he pointed out that in addition to serving meals and beverages to those who are hungry, the venue can and will also be used as a ministering ground for people who may wish to come and relax while at the same time seeking counselling.

The young part-owner of the establishment said he and his partner would have already surveyed the community and identified a particular section in Eccles where they would be working with the young people there on the educational aspect.

On the subject of expansion, the upper flat of the facility is being prepared to be used as a semi conference room which can be transformed into a dining facility for as much as 75 persons.

That part of the building will also be available for rental if persons are interested in keeping special meetings and celebrations such as small birthdays.

During the restaurant opening on Saturday last, the event saw the attendance of close family, relatives and friends of the two young men.

The facility provided employment for close to twenty persons including from the interior where the restaurant also has another establishment under another name.

Persons wishing to dine at the facility will be happy to know that it opens from 6hrs to 22hrs daily.

The restaurant would also be opened on Sundays for those persons who would wish for a getaway from the busy central Georgetown locations to an atmosphere where they can relax with their friends and associates, especially after church. (Leroy Smith)

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