Crabwood Creek Granny’s alleged rapist is reportedly her son’s friend


The 75 – year old woman who died after she was beaten and raped at her Crabwood Creek home had known her attacker.

The suspect is reportedly a friend one of the woman’s sons. News Room also understands that the suspect, who is in his thirties, is known to the police.

At the time of the incident, he was reportedly heavily intoxicated, having had both ganja and alcohol.

The woman, Jasodra Sankar, lived with her 13 – year old grandson but he was not at home at the time the incident occurred.

Sankar was beaten and raped at her Grant 1779 Crabwood Creek yesterday morning about 02:00h; resulting in her demise at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital about 15:00h.

According to a police statement, investigation revealed that shortly after the dastardly act was committed, the known suspect fled the scene and the victim rushed over to her daughter who lives nearby and related what transpired.

The woman was taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital and subsequently transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she succumbed.

Police are still on the hunt for the suspect.

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