Two feared drowned in North West boat accident


Two persons, a father and his son, are missing at sea after the boat they were in collided with another boat sometime late last night and early this morning.

The incident is reported to have taken place somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between Moruca and Pomeroon.

The News Room has learnt that three persons, including the father and son, were in a boat which was powered by a small engine.

That boat collided with another boat which had a larger engine and which was also bigger than the boat the three were in.

It was reported that the larger boat was at the time of the accident chartered by the Ministry of Health and had personnel who were reportedly heading to or from an assignnent.

The missing two are said to be from the Pomeroon River area.

After word of the incident reached the Pomeroon community, the residents there mobilised themselves into a search party and went to the location.

However all that was found were floating debris from the small boat in which the father son and the other man were traveling in.

The investigation and search continues. (Leroy Smith)

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