Son found dead, father still missing after N/W boat crash


The body of 18 – year old Ravin Piper was fished out of the Atlantic Ocean this morning and his dad remains missing following a boat accident between the Moruca and Pomeroon river yesterday morning.

News Room was informed by Piper’s aunt that the young man went to Charity to do some shopping and on his way home to Father’s Beach; he stopped in Pomeroon to pick up his 42 – year old father, George Piper.

The duo was also travelling with his father’s friend who is known as “Wood”.

The three persons were in a boat which was powered by a small engine when they collided with a boat with a larger engine.

The larger boat is owned by the Kumaka District Hospital and had its captain and four other occupants who were also hurled overboard.

News Room understands that “Wood” realized danger was ahead and jumped overboard to save himself from the collision but the father and son were involved in the crash.

“Wood” was reportedly subsequently picked up by the government vessel and taken to shore.

The elder Piper, who is feared dead, would have been 43 – year old in December. He is the father to seven other children, with the youngest being 5 – years old.

The investigation and search continues.









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