PPP puts Gov’t on blast over Lusignan jailbreak


The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) took another swing at the government over the jailbreak of another batch of dangerous criminals within the space of approximately two weeks.

The Office of the Leader of the Opposition in a statement Monday lamented that the administration appears to be incapable of allaying the “fear and trauma that have gripped this land.”

The statement observed that this latest tragedy has catapulted the nation into even greater fear.

“The matter is compounded by the fact that this government is manifestly incapable of saying or doing anything to allay the fear and trauma that have gripped this land,” the statement read.

The Opposition challenged the government “whom will it blame this time for the jailbreak?”

“The PPP/C again?” the Opposition asked.

“Will they still ludicrously contend that they inherited this situation from the PPP/C government?”

The PPP/C said it reiterates its continued support for the members of our Disciplined Forces.

“We urged them to expend their best efforts in seeking to capture all the escapees so that our country can return to some degree of normalcy.”

Thirteen inmates escaped from the walled pasture at the Lusignan Prison by digging a hole under the fence.

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan had described these set of criminals as the “real bad” ones.

Prior, six inmates escaped lawful custody following the fiery jailbreak from the Camp Street prison on July 9.

The PPP/C had called for the resignation of Ramjattan in light of that incident and today, the Public Security Minister accepted blame for the situation.

“I am ultimately responsibile,” he told reporters.

Ramjattan also noted that he was very embarrassed by the developments.


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