Gunmen terrorise Corentyne family


The police in Berbice have arrested a man in connection with an attempted armed robbery against a businessman and his family at #73 Village on the Corentyne on July 23.

News Room understands that the incident was committed by a gang of gun toting men who invaded the family’s grocery store and home.

One of the family members, 19-year-old Andrew Harold, told reporters that he had retired to bed when he was awakened by loud sounds.

He recalled that he ventured to a window to investigate but was confronted by the men who entered the building by breaking the said window. Harold said he ran to inform his mother of the incident and then they both rushed upstairs for safety.

According to the teenager, he along with his mother ran to his father who was already asleep in the upper flat. He said they attempted  to close to door by the internal step leading to the top flat but the perpetrators managed to gained entry.

“They tried to break the door but it took dem like a five minutes to break so dem start shoot to make a hole in the door” he explained.

During the ordeal, his father woke up and was assisting in searching for the keys to the veranda door to escape. According to the teenager, he jumped the veranda first and landed on the neighbour’s fence after which his mother jumped and landed on her knees which was fractured in the process.

The News Room was told that the teenager was later approached by his father who disclosed that he was shot.

Ranks from the Springlands Police Station were contacted and they arrived moments later to scene where it was discovered that the armed men had ransacked the home. While nothing was stolen, surveillance footage was removed.


Investigations are ongoing.

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